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£1.3 million of New Funding to Encourage Electric Bike Travel

The SNP Government has announced £1.3 million of new funding to encourage more people to start using electric bicycles, particularly for shorter journeys.

The Low Carbon Transport Loan Fund has £500,000 available for interest-free loans of up to £3,000 to help individuals and businesses purchase e-bikes and e-cargo bikes.

The E-bike Grant Fund will allocate £700,000 for local authorities, public sector agencies, community organisations, colleges and universities to encourage large scale e-bike adoption. It is expected grants will fund e-bike pools, secure cycle parking and safety equipment.

A further £100,000 will be available through the E-bike Grant Fund to let members of the public test ride e-bikes at Home Energy Scotland advice centres, active travel hubs and community centres.

The funding was announced by Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity Fergus Ewing who said:

“These funds are the latest in a range of measures the SNP Government is introducing to encourage sustainable and active travel.”

“We want more people, who undertake shorter journeys, to leave their cars at home and go by bike for the benefit of their health and our environment.

“E-bikes can be a great way of getting started with active travel as they offer as much assistance as the rider needs. They also make it easy for people to take heavy bags with them using panniers, trailers or by opting for an e-cargo bike in the first place.”

Kenneth Gibson added:

“This is another innovative move by the SNP Government to reduce carbon output across Scotland and tackle health issues at the same time. It may also reduce journey times particularly in urban areas.

“Electric bikes provide a great solution for those who are looking to move away from driving or public transport but feel not quite ready to move on to cycling.

“Not having to do the pedalling all the time will encourage commuters and travellers to spend less time inside their cars and on buses and more time outside, which benefits not only physical but also mental health.”



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