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£10 million Research Funding for Diabetes, MS, Liver Disease and Critical Care

The SNP Government has awarded four research projects £10 million over the next four years to improve the targeting of treatments for patients with serious illness.

The research will look at how treatments for those with diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS) and liver disease, and patients in critical care, can be made more effective and targeted.

The funding has been made through Precision Medicine Alliance Scotland (PMAS) - a Programme for Government commitment to support research in precision medicine. Precision Medicine is the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each person.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“This research will tackle health conditions of major importance in Scotland, including diseases that disproportionately impact on those at risk of socioeconomic disadvantage. This will be hugely beneficial to particular communities within North Ayrshire.

“I am pleased the SNP Government hasn’t lost sight of the fact that even during COVID it is important to look to the future and deliver the best possible outcomes for any NHS patient.”



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