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100% of IVF Patients in NHS Ayrshire & Arran seen within Target

Last year, 100% of IVF patients in Ayrshire who began treatment did so within 9 months of referral, beating a key target of 90% being seen within 12 months.

15 women were treated within 3 months and only 2 women waited between 6-9 months. Over 75% of women were seen 3-6 months after being referred.

In total, 70 Ayrshire patients began IVF treatment in 2017.

Patients in Scotland receive the fairest and most generous access to IVF in the UK, after the SNP Government last year confirmed that women aged under 40 referred for fertility treatment would be eligible for three rounds of IVF.

Following a manifesto commitment, the SNP Government also widened eligibility criteria for IVF treatment in 2016 to include families where one partner has children from a previous relationship.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“It is great news that the SNP Scottish Government’s IVF waiting times target has been well exceeded, with 100% of patients in Ayrshire and, indeed, across Scotland beginning treatment within a year of being referred, most of them much, much earlier.

“IVF treatment can be life-changing, giving those with fertility problems the opportunity to start a family. It can also mean a nerve-racking wait, which is why it’s so important that treatment begins sooner, rather than later.

“The SNP Government also expanded the availability of IVF treatment, giving those who need it the fairest and most generous access in the UK.

“I commend those treatment centres across Scotland on helping their patients so expeditiously and wish all those who are considering or undergoing IVF every success with their treatment.”



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