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Enquire - Advice on Additional Support for Learning

Families with children and young people who require additional support for learning can receive support from Enquire, Scotland’s national additional learning support advice service.

Enquire works to raise awareness of children’s rights to extra support and reduce the stigma of children asking for help when they need it. Their mission is to help families make informed decisions about education and support through:

  • Explaining your child’s right to extra support in school

  • Helping you understand how support is planned and provided

  • Providing advice about working with your child’s school and resolving disagreements should they arise

  • Assisting you to find local education and support services.

Enquire’s trained staff can also provide guidance on specific matters such as repeated absence or exclusion from school. The service is funded by the SNP Government and managed by Children in Scotland.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“I would encourage any constituents who have children with additional support needs to make use of the excellent service that Enquire provides. Their work is grounded in the SNP Government’s Getting it Right for Every Child approach which aims to provide all children with an equal chance to flourish and succeed in education and life.”

You can access Enquire’s services by calling their helpline on 0345 124 2303; emailing; or visiting .


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