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North Ayrshire Businesses Benefitted from £5.52 Million in Business Rates Support Last Year

The SNP Government’s Small Business Bonus Scheme provided £5.520 million of support to 2,734 businesses across North Ayrshire in 2017/18, a 26.7% increase on the £4.355 million of the previous year.

The Small Business Bonus Scheme, delivered by the SNP Government since 2008/09, supports local firms by reducing their rates liability or taking firms out of business rates altogether.

With businesses across Scotland receiving a total support relief of £240.66 million last year, the SNP Government’s commitment to local jobs and communities across North Ayrshire is clear.

Kenneth Gibson MSP welcomed the news, saying:

“These figures prove the success of the Small Business Bonus Scheme for firms across North Ayrshire which benefitted from a £5.52 million in rates support last year, providing stability for local jobs and communities and giving firms that valuable headroom to grow and thrive.

“While Labour and the Tories have no credible plans between them, the SNP is getting on with the job; creating a better business environment in North Ayrshire, boosting employment and creating a business environment where local companies can flourish.”

“The 2019/20 budget, passed last week, provides the most generous package of business rates reliefs in the UK, and ensures more than 90% of properties in Scotland will be charged a lower tax rate than other parts of the UK.

“The SNP Government’s measures are saving small business owners across North Ayrshire up to £7,200 this year and in 2019/20 this could rise to £7,350.”


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