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Local Government Finance Order Debate

On Thursday, Kenneth spoke in the debate on the Local Government Finance (Scotland) Order. He was able to highlight that the resource and capital available to North Ayrshire Council will increase by £26.66 million, from £279.842 million to £306.502 million - a 9.5 per cent uplift. I also reiterated that Cunninghame North will also benefit from increased health spending as NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s budget increases 3.6 per cent to sit at £720 million. Kenneth also said: "In Cardiff, this week the Labour Council cut 55 jobs to add to the 1,632 lost in the last seven years. "It will cut a further £93 million from its budget over the next three years, adding to the £218 million cut over the last decade. It will also put the council tax up by 4.9% in April. "We would say that Tory austerity is to blame, but even when the Welsh Labour Government is forced to reduce council budgets, I still expect Labour MSPs to blame the SNP Government." To watch the speech in full, simply click on the video.


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