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Debate on Making Scotland Europe's Leading Space Nation

Kenneth spoke in the debate on Building on Scotland’s strengths in technology and engineering to become Europe’s leading space nation on Thursday.

Kenneth has long since argued for Prestwick to be the UK’s first spaceport and took the opportunity to reiterate this view. Here are some of the things he said:

"Already a NASA partner, Prestwick has hygiene, health check and rehabilitation facilities for astronauts returning from space via Kazakhstan. With the space industry set for rapid growth, we have a tremendous opportunity for Ayrshire to become a hub for commercial space flights.

"That would showcase Scotland’s already world-renowned skills in engineering and science, propelling us into developing the next generation of space-related industries. Scotland already has 18 per cent of UK space-related jobs.

"Thanks to the SNP Government, more than £50 million has been invested in Ayrshire’s further and higher education infrastructure over the past five years. The Scottish and UK Governments, through the Ayrshire growth deal, agreed to £62 million just last Friday which, along with £18 million from South Ayrshire Council, will support the space and aerospace industries at Prestwick."

To view Kenneth's contribution in full, simply click on the link above.


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