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Still No Indication of Any UK Stronger Towns Funding coming to Scotland

On Tuesday, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay MSP delivered a Ministerial Statement on the UK Government's 2019 Spring Statement, discussing its implications for the economy and public spending in Scotland.

Kenneth took the opportunity to ask what Barnett consequentials the UK Government should and will deliver in relation to the Stronger Towns Fund and how much comparable EU funding — which the Tories are desperately trying to end — is invested in Scotland.

Unsurprisingly, the Cabinet Secretary had received no detail from the Tories of any consequentials coming to Scotland at all.

Mr Mackay also emphasised that the UK commitment to the towns that are beneficiaries is somehow to compensate for leaving the European Union and losing the structural funds that they would have enjoyed, which are substantially more than the sums that the UK Government is committing to those areas.

Nevertheless, the Cabinet Secretary will continue to press the UK Government for clarity on the matter and on the need to ensure that Scotland gets a fair share of resources.

To view the exchange, click on the video.


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