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Median Earners Better Off in Scotland than Rest of UK

A Parliamentary Answer had clarified that income tax paid by those living in Scotland who earn the UK median wage is lower than the rest of the United Kingdom, where income tax is set by the UK Tory Government at Westminster.

Released this week by the SNP Government, the data show those who earn the UK’s median annual salary of £24,006 will pay £2,280.71 in Scotland compared to £2,301.20 in the rest of the UK, which is £20.49 less.

At the average council tax, Band D, people currently pay on average £453 less each year than in England. From next month, that gap will widen to £456.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“We have said it before and now these figures fly in the face of the Tories’ mantra that Scottish taxpayers are the highest taxed in the UK.

“The only party committed to protecting household budgets is the SNP and it shows.

“Not only are residents in Scotland paying less than in England, they also benefit from better, and more, free services, including free prescriptions for medication, free nursing and personal care and free higher education.

“The SNP remains committed to a fair tax system that protects those on low and middle incomes.”


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