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Number of Child Mental Health Specialists up 74% Under the SNP

New figures from the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre (SPICe) reveal that NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Staff (CAMHS) numbers in Scotland have increased by 74% under the SNP from 599.4 Whole-Time Equivalent (WTE) in 2007 to 1043.6 WTE in December 2018.


The number of child specialist psychologists has increased by a massive 123% over the same period. The 2019-20 Scottish Budget takes the overall funding for mental health to £1.1 billion in 2019-20. This includes £12 million in mental health funding specifically for schools to provide an additional 350 school counsellors across Scotland. By the end of academic year 2019-20, every local authority will also be offered training for teachers in mental health first aid, with an additional 250 school nurses in place by 2022. Commenting Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“As people become more aware of mental health problems and the care available for them in Scotland, demand is increasing and we must have the staff and infrastructure in place to support their needs.”

“Thanks to a period of sustained investment and expanded training since the SNP Government came to power in 2007, Scotland has seen a significant increase in the number of well-trained professionals entering the mental health care workforce. This has enabled us to make enormous strides in improving support for both child and adult mental health services in recent years. “Nevertheless, there’s still much to do to enable people with mental health problems to be seen and treated, as necessary, more quickly.


“The SNP remains committed to improving the mental health of young people across Scotland and narrowing the health inequality gap between those from the least and most deprived communities.”



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