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Get Involved in the Big Lunch

On Thursday, Kenneth signed up to the Eden Project Communities’ pledge to play his part in promoting kindness and connections in Cunninghame North by spreading the word about The Big Lunch.

The Eden Project, with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, is encouraging everyone to get together with neighbours and others in each community to share fun, food, and friendship on the first weekend in June. Everyone is invited to join in and plan a Big Lunch in their street, building, park, church, school, beach, or community centre.

The Big Lunch began in 2009 and last year 48,000 people across Scotland come together to share food and friendship, and as a result report feeling safer, less lonely, and more able to make positive change in their communities.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Sadly, the Eden Project’s most recent survey found that over half the people in Scotland do not regularly talk to or spend time with their neighbours, while one in five of us has never even said hello to the people living around us. However, more hearteningly, the survey also revealed that there is a desire for change with three quarters of us believing it would be better for our communities if we were closer to our neighbours.

“The beauty of the Big Lunch is that it really is for everyone and your lunch can be of any shape or size – even inviting your immediate neighbours over for a chat and a snack is an excellent step towards a more connected community. I hope to see many Big Lunches taking place in Cunninghame North on Saturday 01 and Sunday 02 June.”

Free starter packs, tips, and ideas for organising your own Big Lunch can be found at or by calling 0845 850 8181.


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