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The Adverse Impact of Brexit on Skilled Labour in Scotland

On Wednesday Kenneth ask the Minister for Parliamentary Business and Veterans, Graeme Dey MSP, what impact Brexit is anticipated to have on the supply of skilled labour, whether EU workers will be disproportionately affected, which sectors are most likely to be adversely affected, and what the resulting effect will be on economic growth. Mr Dey made it clear that Brexit would be catastrophic for jobs and investment in Scotland, confirming that agriculture, hospitality, care services and the national health service in particular will suffer. As an example he referred to the soft-fruit industry in his own constituency which turns over more than £50 million annually. It requires access to more than 4,000 seasonal migrant workers to pick and pack its products and, even before Brexit kicks in, it is already finding difficulty in accessing that workforce. To view the full exchange, click on the video.


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