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Growing an Independent Scotland’s Economy

SNP Conference has backed plans for growing an Independent Scotland’s Economy, put forward by Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP and Finance Secretary Derek Mackay MSP.

Following a landmark debate at SNP Spring Conference on Saturday, the party backed a three-part prospectus (on growth, responsibility and currency) based upon the recommendations of the Sustainable Growth Commission.

The resolution is now party policy and sets out how Scotland can match the success of small advanced economies across the world to build a wealthier, fairer country.

The motion also stressed the importance of building sustainable finances, through growth in our economy and an outright rejection of Westminster austerity.

It is now SNP policy use the pound at the point of independence. We will then establish our own Scottish currency through a carefully managed and responsible transition, supported by six key tests – when an independent Scottish parliament chooses to do so.

Speaking following the debate on Saturday, Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP said:

“Our party has a clear platform on which to campaign and win the case for independence.

“Scotland can become a much more prosperous and successful nation by matching the success of other small advanced economies around the world.

“We don’t lack talent or resources but we do lack the powers of a normal independent country to grow our economy. Without these powers, we’ll always have one hand tied behind our back.

“Today’s vote marked a clear rejection of failed Westminster austerity and a commitment by the SNP to sustaining Scotland’s finances through growth. In our pursuit of prosperity, we must put our people first – wellbeing, fairness and tackling head-on the scourge of inequality.

“We will deliver a careful, managed and responsible transition to an independent currency. Until this can be achieved, safely and securely, our currency will remain the pound sterling.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“The resolution as passed endorses all of the core proposals in the Growth Commission report and prepares the SNP to win the economic case for Independence.

“Scotland will continue to use the pound when we become independent and any decision to move to a Scottish currency would be for the independent Scottish Parliament to take; a sensible option.

“We will make the economic case for Independence and intend to do so convincingly.”


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