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Kenneth Gibson MSP Leads Debate on Pension Credit

On Thursday, Kenneth led his Members' Debate at the Scottish Parliament urging the UK Tory Government's to reverse their sneaky decision to force newly-retired people - whose partners are younger than the state retirement age of 65 - to claim Universal Credit instead of Pension Credit. This forced change, which comes into effect on 15 May, could cost affected households £140.44 per week, or £7,320 per year. The Pension Credit Guarantee tops up a couple’s income to a minimum of £12,940 per year - under Universal Credit, the Standard Allowance entitles couples to less than half that. Kenneth gave as an example a mixed age couple renting a one bedroom property in North Ayrshire, in Council Tax band C with a monthly rent of £373, and receiving a state pension of £160 per week and Pension Credit. Their total loss after being moved to Universal Credit would be £9,223.80 per year – an enormous sum. Indeed, the Scottish Government estimates that, by 2020-21, 3,800 mixed-age households in Scotland, will collectively lose around £20.8 million. To view Kenneth's full speech, please click on the video.


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