• Kenneth Gibson

SNP Government Launches New Consumer Advice Service

The SNP Government has invested £600,000 in setting up a new online and telephone consumer advice service.

Consumeradvice.scot provides advice to people on a range of issues, including buying products online and in shops, changing mobile phone and internet providers, and purchasing travel insurance.

To make the service more accessible, support can be accessed online through web chat, email or social media, as well as by calling a freephone number 0808 164 6000.

The service is being run by the charity Advice Direct Scotland. Visiting their premises to launch the contact centre, Business Minister Jamie Hepburn MSP said:

“The new consumer advice service will give the people of Scotland access to advice that matters to them. Whether they’re experiencing issues with a used car they’ve purchased, a holiday booking they’ve faced problems with, or a trader who has been working on their properties the new service is there to help.

“We are using Scotland’s devolved consumer powers to provide a flexible service to protect and empower the people of Scotland while supporting businesses which are innovative, efficient and fair.”

Pamela Stewart, deputy CEO of Advice Direct Scotland, said:

“We want to provide all citizens of Scotland with practical consumer advice and information which makes a difference and remains completely free to use.

“Accessing advice that people need shouldn’t cost a penny. We operate Freephone number 0808 164 6000 to ensure nobody is left out of pocket, whether phoning from a landline or a mobile.

“If people would prefer to send us a quick message on Facebook or fancy a web chat with one of our friendly advisors, we have a range of other options to get in touch.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“Consumer Affairs are actually the responsibility of the UK Government. However, like many other issues they aren’t actioning or funding properly, the SNP Government has taken the initiative to set this up in Scotland because it’s the right thing to do.

“Whether you stay in North Ayrshire or elsewhere in Scotland, please don’t hesitate to contact Consumeradvice.scot for free information and advice relating to consumer affairs.”

Consumeradvice.scot can be reached via:

Freephone: 0808 164 6000

Web chat: www.consumeradvice.scot

Email: advice@consumeradvice.scot

Online: www.consumeradvice.scot

Social media: Facebook (m.me/advice.scot2)