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SNP Government Action to Protect Rare Scottish Flora And Fauna

In response to a written question from Kenneth Gibson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham MSP has outlined how the SNP Government is working to protect Scotland’s rare flora and fauna from extinction.

In her response, the Cabinet Secretary emphasises that the SNP Government’s strategy to protect and restore biodiversity is based on the three pillared approach of species conservation, site protection, and wider environmental policies and measures.

With regards to species conversation, Ms Cunningham highlights a number of projects for rare and threatened species currently underway across Scotland, including targeted action for Scottish wildcats, red squirrels, golden eagles, hen harriers, farmland waders, sea birds and freshwater pearl mussels. She also outlines the action taken by this government to tackle wildlife crime, including the introduction of a new vicarious liability provision and the launch of a poisons disposal scheme.

The SNP Government provides funding support for Scotland’s flora and fauna under a suite of measures including the new £2 million Biodiversity Challenge; the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme, which has committed £167 million committed since 2015 to a range of agri-environment and organic activities, and the £20 million Forestry Grant Scheme.

Support is also given through the Water Environment Fund, which allocates £5 million per annum to improve the physical condition of water bodies that have been damaged by historical activities including the removal or easement of barriers to fish migration and the Peatland Action Fund, which has already committed £3 million this financial year.

Commenting on Ms Cunningham’s response, Mr Gibson said:

“Just two weeks after the United Nations released its Global Assessment on nature, which categorised one million species at risk of extinction in the next few decades, I was heartened to read this in-depth and comprehensive outline of how the SNP Government is combatting some of the pressures facing Scotland’s natural environment.

“It is vital that we continue to proactively defend our rare flora and fauna, both through legislation and licensing instruments and with the necessary funding support.”

To read the Cabinet Secretary’s full written response, please click here.


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