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SNP Achieves Largest Ever Victory in European Parliament Elections

While we await the results from the Western Isles on Monday - where counting is not permitted on a Sunday - the SNP has already achieved its highest ever European Parliament Election result.

Across Scotland as a whole, the SNP achieved 37.8% of the vote - an 8.9% increase compared to the last EU Elections in 2014.

In North Ayrshire, the SNP romped to victory with 15,493 votes (41.6%), which is a 9.2% increase on last time.

Labour finished fourth.

Turnout across the 31 Local Authorities that have been counted was 39.9%, a record for EU Elections in Scotland.

Kenneth Gibson MSP welcomed the results:

“Scotland was asked to send a message to Europe, and it chose to send one of positivity and hope.

“I am delighted that this will give us a record three SNP MEPs, who will work constructively with their colleagues in Brussels and work hard to represent Scotland’s people and interests in the international community.

“I congratulate Alan Smith, Christian Allard and Aileen McLeod but most of all, would like to thank our hard working activists who enthusiastically knocked thousands of doors, had countless conversations with voters and walked hundreds of miles to deliver leaflets.

“I would also like to thank the voters in Cunninghame North who gave us such strong support at the ballot box.

“Once again, the electoral map of Scotland shows we have a different outlook from other parts of the UK. We are a different country.”


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