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Tories and Labour Acknowledge Broader Subject Choice in Schools under the SNP

Opposition parties have admitted that there is greater subject choice for children in schools under the SNP, after weeks of “political point-scoring” from the Tories and Labour on the issue.

During a meeting of the Education and Skills Committee on Wednesday 29 May, Tory education spokesperson Liz Smith claimed that “there is more choice” for young people, echoing Cabinet Secretary for Education’ John Swinney’s comments that “there has been a broadening of opportunity for young people”.

Labour MSP Iain Gray agreed with the statement, arguing “when I was at school, when you were at school […] we had fewer options.”

Under the Curriculum for Excellence system, pupils in Scotland now have access to a broader general education for a longer period of time. Additionally, more young people are leaving school with qualifications, with five Highers or more, and going into positive destinations including university.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The Tories and Labour have now both admitted there is greater subject choice under the SNP.

“The point of Curriculum for Excellence was to change the design of the education system in order to broaden opportunities for young people, and this – as the Tories admit – means more choice for young people.

“Both parties are clearly completely devoid of ideas.

“Whatever they may say, sometimes Opposition MSPs can’t help but go off-script and admit that Scottish Education has improved under the SNP Government.”


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