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Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee visits Ayrshire College

On Monday 03 June, Kenneth was at the Ayrshire College campus in Ayr with the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs (CTEEA) Committee, on which he serves.

Members spoke with arts students to increase their understanding of the issues they face when trying to access arts funding.

The visit was part of an inquiry into arts funding which the Committee launched on 15 March 2019. It published a call for evidence, which was open until 12 April 2019 and resulted in 67 written submissions which have been published on the Committee’s website.

Kenneth commented:

“It was very helpful to hear from young people who are beginning a career in the arts, the barriers they face, how they can be overcome and the huge disparity in support they receive from different educational institutions. Clearly, these need to be addressed if people are to succeed in their chosen path, whether in music, painting, drama, photography etc.”

This is the second evidence session on the Committee’s inquiry on arts funding takes place on Thursday 06 June and the purpose will be to consider in detail the issues raised in response to the call for evidence.

More information on the work of the CTEEA Committee can be found here.


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