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2019 MSP Connector Programme, Barony Centre, West Kilbride

Kenneth Gibson MSP paid a visit to West Kilbride Community Initiative Ltd (WKCIL) at the Barony Centre today, as part of this year’s MSP Connector Programme.

Scotland’s Towns Partnership and the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Towns and Town Centres are encouraging Members of the Scottish Parliament to take a day during the Summer Recess to visit towns in their constituency or region as part of the programme.

Currently in its fifth year, the campaign was launched to raise awareness of the opportunities and barriers our towns face. Visits tend to take the form of a walkabout, presentation, lunch, work experience or something a little more creative.

WKCIL was launched in 1998 by a group of local activists, as a vehicle to regenerate the community by creating Scotland’s only designated Craft and Design town.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“I thank Kay Hall for inviting me to the Barony as part of the MSP Connector Programme.

“We have worked together on a regular basis over the past 12 years, to attract SNP Government funding for the Barony and in other ways. I also occasionally stop by for lunch at the Barony Café and to admire art and craft exhibitions by local artists.

“This programme provides a great opportunity to sit down and catch up with community representatives like Kay. She updated me on all that WKCIL have in the pipeline for West Kilbride and we discussed how I may be able to assist with issues ranging from the Village Hall to nurseryy provision, planning, parking and economic development.

"The majority of Scotland’s population lives in villages like West Kilbride and towns like Kilbirnie. They are the key to the prosperity and wellbeing of communities across the country, with each town having its own unique identity and history which should be recognised and celebrated.

“West Kilbride is of course Scotland’s Craft Town and I commend all community activists for their hard work in helping the village flourish.”

Kay Hall, Secretary of WKCIL, added:

“Attendees took part in a lively discussion covering such topics such as car parking, density and pace of new build, infrastructure improvements, maintenance of open spaces, maintenance of Main/Ritchie Street, raising our profile and the natural environment v industrial development.

“A number of ideas will be taken forward by the various groups and Kenneth Gibson, who was thanked by all for taking time to participate.”

Phil Prentice, Chief Officer of Scotland's Towns Partnership, commented:

"Scotland's Town's Partnership is excited to run the MSP Town Connector Programme once again. This is a great way to build links between elected representatives and towns, and help communities raise awareness of local initiatives, opportunities and challenges. We encourage all town, rural and city district-based organisations to consider hosting an MSP and getting in touch with STP to help arrange this".

For more information about the 2019 MSP Town Connector Programme, visit Scotland’s Towns Partnership.

For more information on the work done by WKCIL and West Kilbride, visit Craft Town Scotland.


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