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Scotland's Wind Could Power Every Home in Scotland and North England

Scotland’s wind turbines produced enough electricity to power almost double the number of homes in Scotland between January and June 2019, as wind power output in Scotland reached another record high.

According to a Weather Energy report, Scotland’s renewable electricity output soared in the first half of the year, providing enough energy to power homes from Harris to Harrogate; enough electricity to power the equivalent of 4.47 million homes. Scotland has 2.46 million.

Robin Parker, Climate and Energy Policy Manager, WWF Scotland said:

“These amazing figures show that Scotland’s wind energy revolution is continuing to power ahead. Up and down the country, we benefit from cleaner energy and so does the climate.

“Harnessing Scotland’s wind can provide clean green electricity for millions of homes across not only Scotland, but England as well. It’s about time the UK Government stepped up and gave Scottish onshore wind a route into that market.”

Alex Wilcox Brooke, Weather Energy Project Manager at Severn Wye Energy Agency added:

“These figures really highlight the consistency of wind energy in Scotland and why it now plays a major part in the UK energy market.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“As these numbers again make clear, Scotland is a country with an abundance of natural resources.

“Only in March of this year, an assessment revealed that in 2015 the asset value of Scottish natural capital was an estimated £291 billion. This figure equates to 37% of the total UK asset valuation for natural capital, so we are punching well above our weight.

“In stark contrast to the UK Tory Government, which reduced the incentive to produce renewable energy when it removed the minimum price companies received for selling onshore wind power to the grid, the SNP Government continues to provide strong support for Scotland's renewable energy sector.

“Now we are now in a situation where Scotland, unlike other parts of the UK, consistently produces more renewable energy than it needs and we are able to export.

“This is a great example of what happens when our resources are managed properly with the application of consistent, long-term energy policies and the renewable energy sector is nurtured, encouraged to invest and supported when it does.”


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