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SNP Government Allocates £50,000 to NAC for Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

The SNP Government has made £50,000 available to North Ayrshire Council (NAC) to help with decarbonisation of heat and to improve energy efficiency in homes across North Ayrshire.

This means NAC can apply for funding to pilot Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies which aim to identify local solutions to reduce emissions from buildings and tackle fuel poverty.

The funding is available to the nine local authorities who have not yet piloted strategies.

Scotland’s Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse MSP said:

“Earlier this year, the First Minister acknowledged that we face a global climate emergency, and the Programme for Government set out the next steps we will take to tackle climate change.

“Communities and local authorities are vital in helping us achieve our ambitious target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. These strategies will give local authorities and communities a real stake in planning how to reduce emissions from how we heat our homes and buildings.

“The Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies, which have already been piloted by some local authorities, respond directly to the Committee on Climate Change recommendations and will empower communities to play an active role in reducing emissions.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“The SNP Government is committed to providing support to all local authorities to pilot approaches and build capacity to deliver their Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies.

“I am pleased that the SNP Government has set aside £50,000 funding to help NAC pilot a project to make homes more energy efficient and I am sure council officers will make good use of this opportunity.

“This year’s Programme for Government once again has climate change and environmental issues at the forefront. As the First Minister announced last week, from 2024, all new homes must use renewable or low carbon heat. This will be achieved through a fundamental overhaul in building regulations that will increase energy efficiency and the efficiency of construction from 2021, and will be accompanied by a £30 million investment in renewable heat projects.

“This £50,000 funding I believe can do much to help North Ayrshire on its way.”


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