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FMQ on Homelessness and Poverty due to Tory Welfare Reforms

At this week's FMQs, Kenneth asked the First Minister about austerity-induced homelessness and poverty across Scotland.

The First Minister agreed that the Tories have a lot to answer for, but was able to give reassurances that at least the SNP Government is doing what it can to help those who are struggling:

"This Government will continue to take its responsibilities seriously. We are investing heavily in helping those who are homeless or rough sleeping. We are also changing how we provide those services. The housing first scheme is a key plank of what we are doing to try to make sure that people have access to housing and the support that they need to sustain tenancies. We will continue to mitigate Tory welfare cuts as far as we can and use our own welfare powers to lift those who are in poverty out of poverty. We will do everything that we can, but I hope that we see an urgent change of attitude and response from the UK Government."

To view the full exchange, click on the video.


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