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Overwhelming Majority of Scots back Holyrood-led Independence Referendum

The SNP has welcomed a new poll showing a majority of Scots backing Holyrood’s right to decide on holding an independence referendum.

The Survation poll, commissioned by Progress Scotland, found that 61% of Scots backed Holyrood deciding on whether to hold an independence referendum, compared to only 39% who thought Westminster should decide.

Polling has consistently shown that a clear majority of people in Scotland back the Scottish Parliament having the final say on an independence referendum and the latest figures show an increase from a comparable question taken in the period before the 2017 election.

SNP Deputy Westminster Leader Kirsty Blackman MP said:

“Decisions about Scotland should be taken by the people who live there, not the UK Tory Government which has no mandate in Scotland.

“There have already been welcome interventions from some senior Labour members who understand the need to respect Scottish democracy. It’s time the UK Government did the same.

“The SNP won more than 80% of Scotland’s seats at the General Election on a mandate to hold a referendum. Denying Scotland its right to choose shows just how scared that the Tories are of losing the argument over the Union.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“Given the democratic mandates the SNP keeps receiving on every level of government and the way the UK Government continues to dismiss Scotland’s voice, it comes as no surprise that ever more people want Holyrood to decide.

“Even those who are unsure if they would vote in favour of independence recognise the need to change a blatant democratic deficit which seeps through all decision making and is set to become even more detrimental to Scotland’s economy when the UK leaves the European Union.

“It is telling that those believing Scotland should decide for itself whether it wants to be independent are becoming a movement. Labour figures who have spoken out in favour of another referendum now include former First Minister Henry McLeish, former MSP Malcolm Chisholm as well as current MSPs and Councillors.

“This is an important shift which should be welcomed. We will continue talking to friends and neighbours to win further support.”


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