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Record Health Funding for NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Kenneth Gibson MSP has called on opposition MSPs to back SNP Government budget proposals for 2020/21 that commit a record £15,328 million for Health, an inflation-busting increase of £1,017 million (7.1%) on 2019/2020.

MSPs will vote on Draft Budget proposals next month. The Health Budget for 2020/21 includes:

  • £ 762.4 million for NHS Ayrshire and Arran; a 5.9% rise

  • £ 117.1 million for Mental Health Services; a thumping 37.6% increase

  • £ 278.8 million for NHS Scottish Ambulance Service; 7.1% more

  • £1,035.8 million for General Practice; an 11.2% uplift

  • £ 448.0 million for Capital Investment; a 25.9% boost

  • £ 220.0 million in Additional Support for Social Care; a whopping 83.3% enhancement

Kenneth commented:

“The SNP Government is investing record amounts in our NHS, to build a health service that serves Scotland now and is fit for the future, providing funding of £15,328 million for the forthcoming financial year; an increase of £1,017 million on the current year, itself a record.

“As a cherished public service for the past seventy years, MSPs must do all we can to ensure our health service is properly funded, with areas where demand is growing rapidly, such as mental health and social care.

“That’s why I’m calling on opposition MSPs back SNP plans to protect our NHS and ensure it continues to deliver for the people of Ayrshire and Scotland. If they fail to do so, by law the budget will remain as per this current year, depriving the NHS of the record investment it needs to move forward and continue delivering a world-class service.”


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