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SNP Government Consults on Artificial Intelligence Strategy

The SNP Government is looking for views from the general public to help shape its Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy for Scotland.

This is part of the process the SNP Government committed to in Protecting Scotland's Future: the Government’s Programme for Scotland 2019/2020, published last September. The strategy will help ensure Scotland maximises the potential economic and social benefits of AI and send a strong signal to the world about our ambition.

The steering committee overseeing strategy development is keen to discuss and address the most important questions necessary to ensure their work is people-centred and reflects, in its vision for, and approach to, realising the potential of AI in Scotland. Peoples’ thoughts and priorities on how this can be achieved are important in ensuring no one is left behind.

In January 2020, the steering committee published the strategy scoping document, which sets out a draft vision and a proposed approach to fostering the adoption of AI in Scotland.

They seek responses to their consultation, on the proposed definition of AI for the purposes of the strategy, draft vision for AI and the proposed approach to fostering the adoption of AI in Scotland outlined in the scoping document. You are also invited to share your thoughts on what else you feel it is important for Scotland’s AI Strategy to address.

Information gathered from the consultation will be used to refine the vision for and proposed approach to, fostering the adoption of AI in Scotland and inform the next phases of work in the strategy development process.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“There is a reason why I led a debate on AI in Parliament and have raised the matter a number of times over the past few years. We have to get the balance right between developing AI to aid innovation while being careful not to go too far with consequences for how we live, what happens to employment and how we employ people.

“I believe we can benefit from AI with a well-considered approach and am therefore pleased the SNP Government is not rushing it.

“Please take some time to make your views known on a subject that will soon impact on each of our lives.”

The consultation can be completed here.


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