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£70 Million for Coastal Community Regeneration, Green Energy and Sustainable Food

Crown Estate Scotland (CES) has published its 2020-2023 Corporate Plan which includes a £70 million investment in coastal community regeneration, offshore wind leasing and new ways of producing food on land and at sea.

The plan sets out how it will manage sea, land and coastline for the benefit of Scotland’s communities and businesses.

Since its inception in 2017, the organisation has fostered new ways of working with local and community partners, supported the growth of offshore renewables and helped develop new ways of farming land sustainably.

In the first two years alone, CES delivered over £20 million of income to the SNP Government.

The plan provides a blueprint for CES – operating under new legislation that focuses on sustainable development – to continue delivering wider value for Scotland.

The 2020-23 Corporate Plan outlines five main objectives which are:

  • Support the expansion of Scotland’s blue economy, focussing on marine and coastal development;

  • Develop built environment that strengthens communities and benefits businesses;

  • Invest in innovation and work with tenants to enable sustainable use of natural resources;

  • Build partnerships for people and the planet; and

  • Develop and deploy our people’s expertise to deliver value and success.

CES Chair Amanda Bryan said:

“Over the coming years we want to invest in property, natural resources and people to generate lasting value. From growing shellfish to new ways of farming, regenerating coastal communities to building Scotland’s blue economy, our focus will be sustainable growth that benefits all.

“We look forward to working with communities and businesses to deliver positive change for Scotland.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“In its short existence, CES has proven itself to be much more than an asset manager. Its research, community engagement has led to some innovative investments across Scotland.

“CES will continue to work in partnership with stakeholders to identify opportunities for investment to grow revenue and capital value, delivering environmental and socio-economic benefits to coastal communities. I look forward to seeing how that in particular will be developed.

“This year alone, North Ayrshire Council was allocated £88,162.57 and I am sure North Ayrshire, Cumbrae and Arran will reap the benefits of this £70 million investment too.”

The full 2020-23 Corporate Plan can be found here.


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