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Increase in PPE Production in Scotland

More vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is being manufactured in Scotland following the establishment of a new NHS Scotland supply chain.

Contracts between NHS Scotland and a number of companies based in Scotland will help strengthen and expand the supply of vital protective gowns in Scotland, securing long-term stock levels. NHS Scotland has established the entirely new supply chain, from start to finish, within the space of a month.

Forfar-based Don & Low will supply around 2.8 million square metres of the base material required. The base material will then be converted into around one million non-sterile gowns by Redwood TTM Ltd and Keela, who are based in Wigan and Glenrothes respectively. Keela will also work with manufacturers Transcal and Endura, both based in Livingston, to deliver these Scottish supplies.

This contract will supply over half of NHS Scotland’s current weekly requirement for non-sterile gowns.

Trade Minister Ivan McKee MSP said:

“This new supply chain means significant volumes of the PPE gowns used in Scotland can be manufactured in Scotland, thereby helping to protect us from any global supply issues and ensure frontline staff continue to have the protection they need.

“It also demonstrates what can be achieved when the public and private sectors collaborate to tackle the many challenges caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Scottish Government, along with our colleagues at Scottish Enterprise and NHS Scotland, will continue to work with partners across the country to ensure that all frontline health and social care workers have access to the PPE they need.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“Personal Protective Equipment is vital and therefore the new supply chain forms part of SNP Government’s two-pronged ‘make and buy’ strategy to source PPE gowns.

“It fulfils the ‘make’ priority to establish a supply chain for gowns manufactured in Scotland and will complement the ongoing ‘buy’ activities to ensure supply continues to meet demand.

“The base material and finished gowns have been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they comply with the relevant material and performance standards

“While the SNP Government already has supplies of gowns, which more than meets current demand, it is important we continue to do so with high quality products.”


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