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21,850 Older People in North Ayrshire Benefit from SNP Government Winter Fuel Allowance

This year, 21,850 people in North Ayrshire are being supported by the SNP Government’s Winter Fuel Allowance, with some off-grid households, who face the highest heating costs in the country, benefitting from early payments.

Under the SNP, over one million people have now received the Winter Fuel Allowance as part of the new Social Security system in Scotland.

The Winter Fuel Allowance is an annual tax-free payment paid to older people during the winter months, as well as those on a variety of qualifying benefits.

While the UK Tory Government recently planned to scrap the Winter Fuel Allowance for people living in England and Wales, the SNP remains committed to delivering this important payment in Scotland.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“Everyone should be able to heat their home, and keep themselves and their family warm over the festive period and I am glad that 21,850 older people across North Ayrshire who need it are benefitting from the Winter Fuel Allowance.

“Only because of newly devolved powers over part of the social security system is the SNP Government is able to protect older people in Scotland regardless of what way the Tories go. This once again illustrates that the more powers we have, the more we can meet the needs of the people of Scotland.

“Unlike the Tories who pass draconian policies and Labour who provide only feeble and dithering opposition, the SNP is consistently committed to a society in which everybody is treated with dignity and respect. The decision to not only retain, but expand the Winter Fuel Allowance to cover families with severely disabled children, provides a glimpse of what kind of society we will be when Scotland is independent.”



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