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£4.9 million in Pandemic Payments help North Ayrshire Households

In 2021, people across North Ayrshire were supported with 17,746 Low Income Pandemic Payments at a total value of £2,306,980.

Low Income Pandemic Payments of £130 were made to more than 530,000 households across Scotland last year.

In addition, more than 19,992 Scottish Child Payment Bridging Payments were made in North Ayrshire, amounting to £2,560,680.

Across Scotland, more than 143,000 school age children received Scottish Child Payment Bridging Payments as of December 2021, with £520 paid to qualifying families in four instalments throughout 2021.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“With more people than ever experiencing financial struggles due to the pandemic, it’s heartening that the SNP Government has supported so many low income households in North Ayrshire.

"It is a political choice to help those who need it most, and that will continue as we now combat a cost of living crisis. This is why the SNP Government will continue to provide bridging payments in 2022, ahead of extending the Scottish Child Payment to under 16s and doubling the payment to £20 per week per child this April.

“It is unfortunate this has to be done to help mitigate Tory Government actions that pushed us into Brexit, cut Universal Credit and failed to prevent energy prices from soaring.

“The SNP Government can only do so much, and it’s important that support continues.”

Pandemic Support Payment figures can be found here.

The Scottish Child Payment Bridging Payments consist of four payments per year, in 2021 and 2022. Eligible families received a payment of £100 each at Easter and summer 2021, and £160 each in autumn and winter. In 2022, four equal payments of £130 will be made to eligible families at Easter, summer, autumn and winter to broadly align with the start of school holidays.

The Low Income Pandemic Payment was a one-off payment of £130 paid by local authorities to households in receipt of Council Tax Reduction, as well as other households who are exempt from Council Tax. This was paid by the end of October 2021.



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