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£70 million to accelerate Cancer Diagnosis with Endoscopy and Urology

The SNP Government is investing £70 million to support faster diagnosis of cancers and other illnesses of the digestive system, bladder and prostate.

The Endoscopy and Urology Diagnostic Recovery and Renewal Plan will focus on recovering services, supporting faster diagnosis of cancers and improving outcomes for patients across North Ayrshire and Scotland.

For Endoscopy this includes:

  • using innovative new technologies as an alternative to traditional endoscopy

  • providing 20,000 more procedures to support diagnosis of cancer and other digestive system conditions by March 2023, and by 25,000 each year thereafter until 2025.

  • reducing unnecessary procedures for 7,000 new patients by 2025 by introducing a consistent approach to diagnostic testing across Scotland

  • introducing a National Endoscopy Training Programme to increase skilled practitioners.

For Urology this includes:

  • creating Diagnostic Urology Hubs to reduce waiting times for cancer, and routine diagnosis

  • supporting Scotland’s newest Diagnostic Urology Hub in NHS Highland, as well as one-stop clinics around the country.

  • developing an educational programme for Urology Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs)

  • providing 20 additional ANPs by 2025 to deliver 30,000 more procedures of the bladder.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The immense pressures COVID put on NHS Ayrshire & Arran has resulted in people having to wait longer for a diagnosis and treatment for bladder, bowel, stomach and prostate cancers, as well as other conditions.

“This £70 million investment will help secure a timely and safe diagnosis, ensure patients can access the right care in the right place at the right time, and save lives.”

Chief Executive of Bowel Cancer UK Genevieve Edwards said:

“We helped develop this new plan, and will continue to support the Scottish Government and NHS on its delivery so more people can survive their bowel cancer diagnosis in the future.

“It will ensure endoscopy services are more sustainable in the future by increasing capacity through training more staff and introducing innovative techniques. It will also reduce variation across Scotland which will ultimately improve patient experience.”

Read the Endoscopy and Urology Diagnostic Recovery and Renewal Plan in full here.

The Endoscopy and Urology Diagnostic Recovery and Renewal Plan has been developed in collaboration with the National Centre for Sustainable Delivery (CfSD), patients and key stakeholders including NHS Academy, the Scottish Society of Gastroenterology, the Scottish Urological Society and many Third Sector organisations.



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