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A Great Time to Visit the Seaside as Water Quality Improves

With significant improvement in beach water quality recorded over the last 10 years, Scottish holidaymakers and day-trippers are waving goodbye to dirty beaches.

Data recorded by SEPA showed that the number of Scottish beaches rated either Excellent or Good has risen from 55% to 74% over the last decade since the SNP came to power. Alongside this, the number of beaches rated with either Poor or Sufficient water quality in Scotland has dropped from 45% in 2007 to just 26% in 2016/17.

More people can now enjoy the increasing quality of beaches and coastal waters.

Kenneth Gibson, whose constituency covers beaches such as Millport Bay and Largs where water quality is rated as Excellent, said:

When the water is this good, we do like to be beside the seaside.

“Our coastal communities and our beaches have a very special place in Scotland’s culture and history, and it is great to see the quality of our coastal waters continuing to improve.

“The improvement has been steady, with nearly three quarters of our beaches having either Excellent or Good water quality in the 2017 summer season. That can only encourage tourists and locals alike to get themselves along to some of Scotland’s best coastal spots.

“The SNP Government will always do what we can to improve our beaches and coastal communities - a great social and economic boon to Scotland. Improving water quality even further is the aim, which can only boost our coastal communities even more.”


Excellent 26 (31%)

Good 36 (43%)

Sufficient 11 (13%)

Poor 11 (13%)


Excellent 22 (37%)

Good 11 (18%)

Sufficient 7 (12%)

Poor 20 (33%)



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