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Additional Investment in Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention services will benefit from an additional £3 million innovation fund Mental Health Minister Maureen Watt MSP has announced.

Speaking ahead of a debate on mental health, Ms Watt also confirmed that a new suicide prevention plan would be published before the end of the month.

Ms Watt said:

“We will invest an extra £3 million into a new suicide prevention fund to support a Leadership Group to innovate and drive forward new work to help prevent suicides across Scotland. This is on top of the current spending of over £2 million annually on suicide prevention services.

“As we break down the stigma and better understand how to care for mental health, demand increases and we expect to see detailed plans for taking forward new models of support and services, including through partnership with the third sector.

“We are also working with those who have used services to ensure that as we reshape services we reflect the needs of those seeking support and treatment and align this with medical delivery plans.”

Added Kenneth Gibson MSP:

“The tragedy of suicide is not just restricted to people with mental health problems. It can really strike anywhere. It is therefore heartening that the SNP Government is investing additional resources to develop new initiatives and, ultimately, help save lives.”



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