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American Telecoms Company to set up £10.5m Space R&D Centre in Scotland

Mangata Networks, which specialises in satellite-enabled telecoms services, has announced its decision to set up a £10.5 million research and development centre in Scotland only a day after a Tory MSP argued that the SNP Government’s willingness to hold another independence referendum would discourage overseas investment.

This is despite Scotland being behind only London and Southeast England of the UK’s 12 nations and regions in attracting inward investment in each of the last ten years. Years in which the Tories have uttered the same mantra.

Mangata Networks Chief executive Brian Holz said:

“We are impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the Scottish people we meet and by the sense of camaraderie they instil in all that they do.”

An initial 38 jobs will be created by Mangata as part of a £10.5m investment by the company. Longer term, Mangata aims to establish Scotland as the centre of its European operations, which could see significant further investment, growth and employment opportunities.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“I warmly welcome Mangata’s plans to invest in Scotland’s people and create new jobs at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on economies across the world

“This undeniably underlines Scotland’s strength and potential in the space sector while debunking the Tories’ argument that indyref2 is discouraging foreign investment.”



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