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Analysis Shows Households in Scotland are Thousands Better Off

Opposition party claims that Scots would move to England because of the SNP's budget are exposed as new analysis conducted by the SNP has revealed that people choosing to live in Scotland are significantly better off than those living in England.

Findings show that average house prices in England are £306,000 compared to £191,000 in Scotland. This would result in yearly mortgage repayment up to £22,392 compared to £13,980 in Scotland - a difference of £8,412.

For London, where Labour has claimed people would move, would see an even worse outcome. The average house price in London is now at £516,000 which would result in a yearly mortgage repayment of over £37,764 - a staggering £23,784 difference.

Plus purchasing a property in England would also incur significant stamp duty charges of an average of £2,800 for England and £13,300 in London.

Choosing to live in Scotland also ensures:

• Free prescriptions – the average Scot receives 19 prescriptions per year, saving £183.35.

• Lower council tax – the average Band D rate in Scotland is £648 lower than England.

• Free tuition – a saving of £9,250 for each year of study

• The baby box – providing essential items for the first six months of a child’s life.

• Free personal and nursing care

• Free bus travel for over 2 million people in Scotland.

• Support from Social Security Scotland – ensuring 1.2 million people get the assistance they need, including seven benefits unique to Scotland such as the £25 a week Scottish Child Payment.


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