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Ardrossan Castle Carnival Saturday 18 June

The Ardrossan Castle Heritage Society is organising the Ardrossan Castle Carnival for 18 June 2016. This will be a family fun and community celebration to mark the four hundred and seventieth anniversary of a remarkable event at Ardrossan Castle. It is also intended to promote the Castle and Hill as an attraction and place of historical interest for local people and visitors. Planned attractions include archery, face painting, horse jousting, jesters, medieval costumes, pipe band and stocks and sponges.

On 18 June 1546, the Privy Council of Scotland met in Ardrossan Castle. The Privy Council was the equivalent of the Cabinet of the Scottish Parliament. The attendees included some of the most powerful nobles, landowners and clergymen in the land. The meeting was chaired by the Lord Governor of Scotland, James Hamilton (c1516-75), shown right. He was Regent for Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary was six days old when her father, King James V of Scotland, died in 1542. She was heir to the throne but too young to govern so James Hamilton became her Regent and effectively King of Scotland.

The Ardrossan Castle Heritage Society was founded in 2012 by local people concerned that the Castle and Hill were a venue for anti-social activities. Our aims are shown below on notices displayed on the Hill.

So far, the fence has been erected, the Castle stabilised and signage created. The Society has visited schools and community groups to raise awareness of our intentions and has published a booklet called Ardrossan Castle – History, Myths and Legends. There has been a test lighting of the Castle which proved successful.

The Society would be delighted if you would accept their invitation to attend the Carnival. The event will run from 12 noon to 4 pm on Saturday 18 June.


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