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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Diagnostics

Last night, I convened the meeting of the Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Life Sciences.

Dr Sandy Weir, iCAIRD Programme Manager and JD Blackwood, NHS Programme Manager presented on the wider role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in diagnostics.

We discussed the importance of adopting AI in NHS practices to improve efficiency and encourage innovation, in turn, improving the patient experience.

Professor Dr Dennis A. Ostwald, Founder and CEO of WifOR Institute in Berlin, presented on how and where we can invest to make Scotland healthier.

CPG members discussed the impact that a sustainable and equitable health system will have on both patients and the economy.

I thank both the speakers and members for the insightful discussion and will liaise with the Government to ensure the important points raised are considered.

Above, I am pictured with JD, Sandy, Ivan McKee MSP and Alison Culpan, Director, ABPI Scotland.


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