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I was delighted to meet with Maria Laine, new President of Boeing UK, Ireland and the Nordics, who provided an update on the company’s activities in Scotland and ambitions for the future.

Over the last five years, Boeing has invested £255 million in Scotland in support of its aerospace activities not least because “it’s easier to do business in Scotland.” The company plans to invest £2 billion in the UK over the next few years, creating 3,000 jobs, “most of them at Prestwick.”

Boeing recognises that climate change is a fundamental global challenge, and while enabling people to move freely across the planet is keen to reduce the impact of flying.

Reducing carbon emissions and using resources more efficiently through innovative solutions is a priority.

Each new Boeing product, such as the 426 seat 777-9 aircraft, is typically 15% to 25% more fuel efficient than the airplanes they replace.

A commitment to energy-efficient and cleaner products has enabled a global approach to carbon-neutral growth.

Environmental sustainability enables disassembly of parts and materials recovery resulting in airplanes that are nearly 90% recyclable by weight for parts reuse and scrap.

It is exciting that such a company is keen to invest in developing new aerospace products here in Ayrshire, with the highly-skilled and well paid jobs they will bring.

I look forward to future discussions.


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