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Business Bonus Benefiting Local Companies Across North Ayrshire

The SNP Government’s Small Business Bonus scheme has helped to support businesses across North Ayrshire this year, with new figures proving once again the SNP Scottish Government’s commitment to local jobs and communities.

The number of firms benefiting has risen from 1,847 in 2008 to 2,734 in 2017/18, with £5.3 million being spent across North Ayrshire to support local businesses this year; a 48% increase.

Kenneth Gibson commented:

“These figures prove the success of the Small Business Bonus for firms across North Ayrshire.

To have 2,734 businesses in North Ayrshire and over 103,000 across Scotland benefitting from this policy is good for jobs and good for communities, helping to keep more money in our neighbourhoods and boosting our high streets.

Over the last decade, the SNP Government has taken strong action to support local businesses, while other parties have carped from the sidelines rather than actually doing anything to support local employment and local businesses.”



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