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Campaigning Today in Saltcoats

Today, Patricia Gibson MP and I were in Saltcoats, delivering leaflets detailing Scotland’s Budget 2024-25.

Continuing the austerity imposed by successive Labour, Coalition and Tory Governments, most recently in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, it is the most financially challenging Scottish Budget in 25 years of Devolution.

Stage 3 of the Budget will be debated in Holyrood and voted on this Tuesday, 27 February.

Despite criticising the spending and taxation choices made by the SNP Government, no opposition party has come forward with a single costed amendment to the Scottish Budget - let alone an alternative budget.

Such lazy thinking is undoubtedly one of the reasons why they are in opposition!

All 126 pages of the Scottish Budget can be read here:

A native of the town, Willie Gibson served the people of Saltcoats as a highly respected and popular SNP Councillor from 2007-2017, including four years as Leader of North Ayrshire Council.


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