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Child Disability Payment Now Open for Applications

The SNP Government’s new Child Disability Payment opens for new applications across the country today (Friday).

The Child Disability Payment will help with the extra care and mobility costs that children and young people with a disability may have, up to the age of 18.

As the first of three complex disability benefits to be introduced nationwide by the SNP Government, this new payment replaces the UK Government’s Disability Living Allowance for children.

Those already receiving Disability Living Allowance for children do not need to apply. These approximately 52,000 current cases are being automatically transferred in phases from the Department for Work and Pensions to Social Security Scotland. This will be completed by spring 2023.

The Child Disability Payment to be administered by Social Security Scotland provides families with support to help meet the extra costs a disabled child might face.

For the first time anywhere in the UK, disability benefit applicants can apply online, as well as by phone, post or face-to-face.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“This is a significant milestone in the introduction of Scotland’s new social security system, which is based around dignity, fairness and respect, so those in need of support can access this help in a way that suits them best.

“In the months and years ahead, thousands of families will benefit from our simplified and much less stressful system, which will treat everyone with dignity, fairness and respect.

“If you are currently receiving Disability Living Allowance for your child, you will be advised when your transfer to Social Security Scotland will take place over the next 18 months.

“Please don’t hesitate to find out more and apply if you believe you are eligible but currently not in receipt.

You can find out more and apply through or by calling 0800 182 2222 at no cost.

The transfer has begun with the cases of those aged 16 or over in receipt of Disability Living Allowance for children and those with a terminal illness being selected first. All other clients aged up to 16-years-old will have their award transferred from spring 2022.



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