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Civil Partnerships now an Option for All Couples

Couples across North Ayrshire and Scotland will now also be able to enter mixed-sex civil partnerships from June 30, and can submit a notice of intention now.

The introduction of mixed sex civil partnerships through the Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2020 means that both mixed sex and same sex couples can now choose to marry or enter a civil partnership.

Minister for Equalities Christina McKelvie MSP said:

“I welcome the introduction of civil partnerships for all couples.

“We have now embedded equality of choice on how to formalise their relationship in the way that best reflects their beliefs and ensures access to the rights, responsibilities and benefits which flow from entering a legally recognised relationship.

“This ground-breaking change in law demonstrates our commitment to creating a fairer and more inclusive society for all.

“I wish good luck to all couples who are entering Scotland’s first mixed-sex civil partnerships.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“I am delighted for those constituents who have contacted me over the years that they will now be able to enter into civil partnerships, just like same-sex couples.

“Formalising a loving relationship exclusively through the institution of marriage is not acceptable for some, for a variety of reasons personal to them.

“Whereas same-sex couples already have a choice between marriage and civil partnership, it is only fair that mixed-sex couples have the same opportunity and I am glad that this equality has now been achieved.”

The public health restrictions which apply to marriages and same sex civil partnerships also apply to mixed sex civil partnerships. The Scottish Government website contains up-to-date information about these restrictions

The Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2020 introduced mixed sex civil partnership in Scotland. The 2020 Act was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 23rd June 2020 and received Royal Assent on 28th July 2020.


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