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Community Land Ownership to Increase

A strategy to significantly increase the amount of land in community ownership has been published by the SNP Government. The report by the One Million Acre Short Life Working Group recommends a number of proposals to deliver the one million acre target by 2020 and spread the benefits of community ownership, including: • stimulating demand for community owned land through raising awareness.

• building capacity of communities to take land ownership projects forward.

• improving access to services and developing a network of support providers.

• addressing issues around land availability and barriers its supply. The report identified 480,000 acres of land already in community ownership, which has recently been increased to over 500,000 acres by the acquisition of land by The Pairc Trust since the report was finalised.

Kenneth said:

“I welcome this report which looks at ways of reaching the one million acre target of community owned land by 2020. This ambitious target has the potential to transform the fortunes of communities across the country. “I look forward to consideration of the report's recommendations alongside current land reform legislation to ensure we empower communities with practical powers as well as support sustainability.”

The report is available here:

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