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Complete Transparency Needed From PM

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has said that following the dodging and weaving around David Cameron’s tax affairs there must now be complete transparency from the Prime Minister over any involvement with offshore trusts.

Scotland’s First Minister also called on the UK Government to adopt the toughest possible measures on tax avoidance and evasion, whilst Cunninghame North candidate Kenneth Gibson questioned the silence of Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson on the Prime Minister’s tax affairs.

The First Minister said:

“David Cameron must now be completely transparent around his tax affairs. After four days of ducking and diving it is now clear that he personally benefited from offshore investments.

“Whether or not it was legal, the tortuous way the information was dragged out of the Prime Minister leaves his credibility in tatters and completely betrays public trust.

“To claim that the UK government is cracking down on offshore investments and tax havens while blocking EU moves to increase transparency is utterly hypocritical. There are also now questions to answer over whether David Cameron’s interests have influenced his actions in parliament and if they should have been declared in full before now.

“People expect the very highest standards from the Prime Minister in this regard.”

Kenneth Gibson added:

“The Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee scrutinised the SNP Government’s robust anti-avoidance when it set up Scotland’s new taxation system in anticipation of taxes being devolved during the last session of the Scottish Parliament.

“Scotland’s principled anti-avoidance rules are amongst the toughest in the world. The UK government should follow our lead in cracking down on tax avoidance.

“Once again Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Tory branch office, has remained silent while her Westminster colleagues bring her party into disrepute, just as she did when her bosses tried to rob Scotland of £7,000 million over the devolution of new powers and just as she did over proposed benefit cuts for people with disabilities. Ms Davidson must make it absolutely clear that she condemns Cameron’s actions on delaying and dodging the difficult questions and not just parrot the UK Government line.”


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