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Crime in Scotland Down 40% Since SNP took office in 2007

Scotland is a safer place under the SNP with crime down 40% since 2006/2007 and at one of the lowest levels since records began in 1974. Figures from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey also show that just 11.9% of people experienced crime in 2019/20, compared with 20.4% in 2008/09. It is also lower than the equivalent figures in England and Wales of 13.3%. Despite cuts from its central budget from Westminster, the SNP Government has protected Scotland’s police officers with around 32 officers per 10,000 population in Scotland compared to around 23 in England and Wales. Plus, they are the best paid officers in the UK with a new constable in Scotland starting on £26,737, compared to £21,654 in England. Kenneth Gibson MSP said: “Throughout the SNP’s time in government it has taken tackling crime seriously and has made Scotland a safer place as a result. “Not only has the SNP Government cracked down on crime, but its approach has also meant that reoffending is at its lowest level in the last 22 years – proving that the smart justice approach is paying off in Scotland.

“Knife crime incidents particular has declined massively, particularly in North Ayrshire.

“The figures compared to those in England show that the Tories’ apparent ‘tough on crime’ approach is failing as incidences of crime are higher in Tory-run England than they are in Scotland. “Despite devastating Westminster cuts, the SNP Government has not only maintained a higher number of officers per head on the streets in Scotland compared to England but has also made a career in the police the most attractive compared to the rest of the UK as officers are paid the highest salary. “The SNP can be trusted keep Scotland safe, crime low and to protect police services for the future.” ENDS


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