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Davidson To Answer For Tory Misrule

Scotland's Tory Leader Ruth Davidson will be forced to face up to the reality of Tory misrule after a campaign spent attempting to distance herself from the record of David Cameron and the UK Government, the SNP has said. The Tories became the second largest party in the Scottish Parliament after the Labour vote collapsed to its lowest share since 1910.

Ms Davidson now has nowhere to hide and must answer for the UK Government’s disastrous record in Scotland, which includes:

• Cutting the Scottish Government’s budget by 10.6% between 2010-11 and 2019-20;

• Betraying promises made before the referendum on shipbuilding – with unions raising fears for 800 jobs;

• Slashing support for the renewables industry – risking the future of a booming Scottish industry;

• Attacking people with disabilities through welfare cuts such as the Bedroom Tax;

• Overseeing a shocking growth in foodbank use – with the Trussell Trust blaming benefit sanctions and delays to Universal Credit payments;

• Attacking the rights of Scottish workers through the Trade Union Bill.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:

“Ms Davidson spent the election campaign desperately downplaying her party affiliation – effectively barring Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne from the campaign trail.

“If Ms Davidson thinks she can divert and deflect from her party’s record then she’s wrong. There’s nowhere left for the Tories to hide.

“The UK Government has slashed the Scottish budget, is pulling the rug from under our growing renewables industry and is risking hundreds of jobs on the Clyde through delays in shipbuilding contracts – a complete betrayal of a workforce who were made clear promises during the referendum.

“And the Tory record on welfare is so appalling that even hatchet man Iain Duncan Smith MP couldn’t stomach it any further. Ms Davidson must explain why she’s been content with years of victimising people with disabilities and driving vulnerable people to foodbanks.

“The SNP won an unprecedented third term, with a record share of the vote, because we’re trusted to stand up for Scotland. It's now time for Ruth Davidson to face up to her own party’s record.”

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