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Discussion on Role of Income Tax in Scotland's Budget

Kenneth Gibson MSP has welcomed the publication of a discussion paper on the role of income tax in Scotland. The SNP Government’s paper includes proposals from all of Scotland’s political parties, with most backing varied measures in order to support public services and Tory proposals supporting tax cuts for the highest earners at the expense of public services. The First Minister also outlined that any changes to income tax in Scotland must pass four key tests: ensuring the lowest earners don’t see their taxes increase, supporting the economy, supporting public services and making the system more progressive. Commenting, Kenneth said: This discussion paper outlines the various proposals of Scotland’s political parties and where we stand heading towards the Scottish Draft Budget budget, announced on 14 December. It is perfectly clear that the Tories are isolated on taxation, as they are on so many other issues, with their proposals only offering a tax cut for the wealthiest and continued austerity for the rest of us. People in North Ayrshire and across Scotland have the right to an open and honest discussion about the income tax that they will pay and this is exactly what the SNP Government is delivering. We need to ask difficult questions and work with other parties to find an answer that means individuals and businesses are treated fairly and pay the right amount for the services that they receive in return." The discussion paper can be found here: ENDS


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