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The Chief Medical Officer for England, Sir Chris Whitty, has today lauded the SNP Government’s transformative public health measures in Scotland.

Speaking this morning to Westminster’s Health & Social Care Committee, Whitty remarked that he wanted to:

“Acknowledge the really great work that is done in Scotland”

He then said to SNP MP, Martyn Day:

“Scotland has actually blazed a trail in many areas of public health.”

Sir Chris also revealed that he and health colleagues in Tory-run England have “learnt” from Scotland’s public health vision.

With the most generous Social Contract in any part of the UK, the SNP Government has introduced free school meals for all children from P1-P5 and all children from households in receipt of Universal Credit; free prescriptions, free dental care, the Baby Box and the Scottish Child Payment – described by leading charities as “game-changing.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“The SNP has used the powers it has to ensure that people in Scotland benefit from the most generous social contract in any part of the UK.

“The SNP team at Westminster, including local MP Patricia Gibson, will continue pressing the Tories to match Scotland’s ambitions on health.

“It is beyond question that the only way we can realise our full potential as the healthier, stronger and more equal nation we all want to see is through independence.”


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