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Fewer Scottish School Pupils Drink or Smoke

The number of teenage pupils smoking or drinking alcohol has fallen sharply over the last decade, according to the latest Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey, which found 80% of 15-year-olds and 95% of 13-year-olds abstain.

Just 28% of 13-year-old pupils and 66% of 15-year-olds have ever had an alcoholic drink and only 7% of 15-year-olds and 2% of 13-year-olds regularly use tobacco.

The biennial survey is based on responses from 25,304 pupils across 264 secondary schools in both the state and independent sector.

Said Kenneth Gibson:

"These figures are to be warmly welcomed.

"Fewer young people smoking and/or drinking means a healthier society, with direct benefits to the young people themselves.

"Scotland is moving slowly but surely to becoming a smoke free society, whilst drinking amongst young people is becoming not only less frequent, binge drinking too is in decline, a trend I hope will continue."



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