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First Minister Announces 3% NHS Pay Rise

The overwhelming majority of NHS Scotland staff will receive a 3% pay rise this year, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP has announced.

The announcement benefits 147,000 ‘Agenda for Change’ staff, such as nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, therapists, paramedics, support staff and administrators. It does not affect doctors, dentists or senior managers.

Staff currently earning up to £80,000 will receive at least a 3% uplift, and those earning £80,000 and over will receive a flat rate increase of £1,600. Staff not at the top of their pay bands will also receive any incremental progression they are due.

Negotiations between the SNP Government, employers and unions on pay, terms and conditions continue towards a three year pay deal.

Compared to equivalent staff in NHS England:

  • Experienced porters at the top of Band 2 will be over £500 better off;

  • Healthcare assistants at the top of Band 3 will be over £600 better off;

  • Auxiliary nurses with a year’s experience in Band 4 would be over £800 better off;

  • Nurses with five years’ experience in Band 5 will be over £400 better off;

  • Paramedics in middle of Band 6 will be over £450 better off; and

  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners in the middle of Band 7 will be over £250 better off.

For staff paid weekly, the pay uplift will be paid week beginning Monday 02 July 2018. For those paid monthly, the uplift will be made in July salaries. All payments will be backdated to 01 April 2018.

The First Minister said:

“We know that for NHS staff, and all those who work in our public services, the last few years of pay restraint have been tough. That’s why I’m proud that our government was the first in the UK to lift the 1% pay cap.

“We’re currently in negotiations to agree a 3 year pay deal for NHS staff in which we aim to exceed the deal agreed in England.

“I don’t want those working so hard in the NHS to have to wait for that agreement to get a pay rise this year. So, we will make a payment on account as negotiations continue.

“All staff working under NHS Agenda for Change and earning up to £80,000 pounds, will receive a 3% pay rise in their pay packets next month.”



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